Taster Workshop

Try three of our major aerial courses at the studio - Aerial Silks, Lyra and Pole Dance.

Taster Class will an instructor in-charge to teach you basic aerial tricks and watch your safety. If you're unsure where to start your aerial arts journey, Fantasy is running Taster Workshops for Aerial Silks, Lyra or Aerial Hoop and Pole Dance!

The Taster Workshop is your chance to check out the studio, meet our Instructors, and choose what apparatus you'd like to start with!

You will have two Fantasy Instructors teaching (and performing demonstrations!) and you can ask all your Fantasy questions!

Taster Workshop is only $50, and runs for 90 minutes.

Taster Workshops run just once per month, so make sure you book your place! Please wear leggings below the knee, a comfortable, fitted top (you will be going upside down!), no shoes, socks or jewelry. We can't wait to teach you Aerial at Fantasy!

Purple Membership
For Absolute Beginners
Try all aerial apparatus. This makes you decide what course you want to enroll.
Pink Membership
Fire Art Workshop
One time class and workshop for Fire Art including fire handling and safety and tricks