Aerial Net Course

Aerial Net course will help you develop your strength, flexibility, coordination and spacial awareness. Climb, invert and explore different artistic positions with these beautiful nets. This is a specialist course where Intermediate 2 from Lyra, Pole Dance or Aerial Silks students are welcome. If you have not yet achieved this, you can still train Aerial Net in Private Lessons. Please call us on 0423 196 013 or book a Private Lesson online.

You will work towards a routine in every course, which you can film and show off! And of course, friendly and welcoming instructors and classmates are in full support to you!

Absolute beginners to Aerial Training are recommended to take Aerial Silks, Lyra or Pole Dance to develop strength and aerial technique before Aerial Net. Aerial Net is a specialist apparatus and prior skills are a big advantage. If you are an absolute beginner to Aerial, please book a Private Lesson to start Aerial Net. Males and females welcome.

Please wear long leggings and a fitted top for this course. Please bring a fitted, long sleeved top and socks. No shoes and no jewelry.

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