Intro to Aerial Arts is a one day workshop to train both dance teachers and dancers who wants to increase their network in dance and entertainment industry. This workshop is a great opportunity to add up new skills in your studio or in your dance performances. We will be teaching you about Aerial Courses and how to perform them!

  • Work on their lines and body alignment. Without the pressure of the ground to work off, dancers must work to develop their lines in the air.
  • Increase spacial and body awareness. While spinning and being upside down, again without the pressure of the floor to push off, dancers have no choice but to become more aware of how their moves through the space.
  • Increase strength. Dancers will get very strong particularly through their upper body, back and core muscles.
  • Improve balance. Training in the air helps dancers find their centre of balance easier when on the floor.
  • Increase flexibility. Using the apparatus to push and pull into new shapes and tricks helps increase flexibility.
  • Have a studio of strong, flexible, dancers with great balance.
  • Generate more money by including Aerial Arts to your students.
  • Create more performance opportunities for your students.
  • Keep up to date with the new Aerial Arts that are growing in popularity!

About Intro to Aerial Arts Creator: Holly Gannon BHlthSc ARAD

Holly studied dance from age 3 in many genres, jazz, tap, Spanish, contemporary, but focused on classical ballet.Holly has taught ballet, jazz and tap in Perth for over 8 years. After completing her degree in Nutrition, and qualifications in Group Fitness Training and Personal Training, Holly opened Fantasy Fitness and Dance, a studio where adults can learn to dance get fit and healthy in a supportive environment.Now Fantasy has grown to train 5 different Aerial Apparatuses.

After going to different music concerts and receiving many jobs to perform around Perth, Holly realised the demand for dancers also skilled in Aerial Arts as well as dancing onstage. Holly created Intro to Aerials for Dancers to teach dancers, dance teachers and dance studio owners the benefits of adding Aerial Arts to the dancers repertoire.