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Start your fitness career goals. Join in fitness competitions and let coach Holly Gannon, 8 time NABBA/WFF Miss Fitness train you and help you win in championships!

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Fitness Categories

These are the fitness competitions categories.

This is the category I think most of you will do well in! You will do one bikini modelling round, wearing a bikini and posing heels. This category requires a lean, toned, feminine physique, and a beautiful, fun, sexy stage presence.
Bikini Category

This category requires a slightly harder, more athletic body than Bikini. You will do a bikini modelling round, wearing a bikini and posing heels, followed by sportswear, wearing shorts, a crop top and sneakers, and in some categories, an evening gown round.
Sports Model

My favourite! This is where you will do the Fitness/Dance routine! Show off your skills, and entertain the audience in a 90 second routine. You will also do a bikini round, and in some federations, an evening gown round. This category requires a lean, toned, athletic physique.
Fitness Category

Don't be afraid ladies, you will never get crazy massive! Body building is more about muscle definition than putting on a huge amount of size. You will do a symmetry round, compulsory poses, and perform your own 60-90 second posing routine. This category requires fantastic muscle definition and low body fat.
Bodybuilding Category
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