Fire Art Course

Learn various fire tricks like fire transfer and more! We have prepared a lot of fire tricks for you to learn. Explore the science of Fire Arts tailored course from Beginner to Performer Level. You usually see this performed in circuses but soon you'll know the secrets only a real Fire Eater know. We have heaps of different pieces of fire equipment for you to play with!

Fire Art Course has an intro class and lessons which is compulsory to all students for safety. There is no experience required for the Intro and Safety Class at Fantasy. After you have completed the Intro and Safety Class, you may do any Beginner level course.


White Membership
For absolute beginners
(No experience required)
Purple Membership
For Intermediate Level Students
(For students who completed beginner 1, 2 & 3 levels)
Pink Membership
For Advanced Level Students
(Students who completed Intermediate)